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A Year In The life of...
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A writing community
A Year In Writing
The idea behind this community is to give the readers an insight, a glimpse per say into the lives of numerous individuals. Remember there are enough prompts to write 365 different stories for each day of the year. I don't want a long drawn out story, just little snippets of what you think and feel goes on in their lives. First and foremost please read over everything listed below before doing ANYTHING

Three Important Rules

Firstly Please join the community before trying to claim something. You can't do anything until you do Join
Secondly Choose which Time line you want to do either here or here when you have the one you want, post it someplace useful, like your own personal journal, so you can keep track
Thirdly Choose either an individual person/character or a couple. All types of characters are fine. You can write your own or you can take them from television, books, movies or write about them in real life. Straight and Gay couples are allowed. You can have your character [and yes Real Life People are allowed!] start out single and over time have them fall in love or get married or something that will turn them into a couple. Just keep in mind that if your story deals with any kind of offensive material such as incest, rape, and so forth, your post will be deleted. I'm sorry, but please try to keep your story for a better word something that your Grandmother might want to read. You can claim who you want here

Other General Rules

1. Please post only fanfiction! There are many other sites where you can post fan – art just please don’t post it here, I will delete it. Sorry

2. Affiliate with us, leave a comment and we'll post your community. Don't join just to promote your new whatever. I will delete your post.

3. The prompts are yours to interpret. You can be as obvious or as mysterious as you want, as long as its there. These views into their lives are only about 100 to 800 words in length. Don’t try to make it any longer than 800 or shorter than 100. Remember it’s just a glimpse, leave people wanting more. Also use one prompt per day, per story. That doesn't mean that you have to write one story per day!!!! Remember that. If you get over zealous and creative one day and write ten stories, thats good. As long as its ten different little stories.

4. There isn’t a deadline per say. I’m pretty lenient but please try to post your first story within two months of claiming it. If you decide you no longer want to write for you character/couple leave me a message here. Don’t just up and leave on us, because that’s not cool.

5. Please make sure you’re claim is approved before you try to post something. Otherwise it’ll just cause a whole lot of confusion.

6. Please put a warning on your story if it is for a mature audience. I refuse to be the one that scars that 14 year old kid with something. It’s not going to be my fault.

Ratings are as follows:
G All ages admitted
PG Some material may not be suitable for children
PG-13 Some material may be inappropriate under the age of 13
R Under 17 requires accompanying parent or legal guardian.
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted.

7. Please put everything behind an LJ cut or a fake cut. Keeps your friends pages from looking like a library exploded..

8. You don’t have to have a separate post for each individual story. If you’ve gone on a writing spree and have 15 new stories, post them all. Just as long as you label the entry with the following: Title, Fandom, Characters, Claim, Prompt, Word Count. And If the following apply, please use them. Rating, Warnings, AN, and Summary. This makes it easier on me to tag things, if you forget that is.

Here’s an example if you’re confused
Title: The Shower
Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy
Claim: Derek Shepherd & Meredith Grey
Prompt: Smile
Word Count: 483
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: a little bit of smut
Author's Notes: written for my sister
Summary: showers and husbands are sneaky things

9. If you finished everything and want to shout it to the world, go and do that but first leave me a comment here letting me know.

10. And lastly, Please be kind. Have some respect. If somebody posts something you absolutely hate, that’s too bad, keep it to yourself. If I find that somebody is leaving nasty, rude comments, I’ll kick you out. Sorry but its your loss. Consider this a warning. Now Comments are encouraged and so is participation. It makes the writers smile, let them know how you feel!

In Claiming Something!!!

Firstly You can claim one individual person/character or a couple [gay or straight, doesn't matter.] You can't have more than one claim due the size of the tables. This way it keeps more things open for everyone else. Once you have chosen your character or couple, please choose one of the following options.

Time Line Options

1. Choose just one person/character or couple for the duration of a year, meaning a total of 365 days. no more, no less

2. Choose just one person/character or couple for the duration of 6 months (1/2 a year), meaning a total of 183 days [give or take]

3. Or if your new to the concept of writing this way, you can choose to write for one person/character or couple for up to Three Months, meaning a total of 90 Days.

4. If this still seems to be way too many to write for, you can choose to write for one person/character or couple for the minimum of one month, meaning a total of 30 days.

5. If you have any questions about the time line options place your questions here

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Yes thats me, hayden_james, if you have a question drop me a comment here, or fel free to e-mail me at Delaney.Kathryn@yahoo.com, don't just send me stuff complaining about something or somebody... That won't work and it won't make me very happy...